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Youth Talent Excellence Program—Advanced Semiconductor Research Institute

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The Advanced Semiconductor Research Institute focuses on the global frontiers and major scientific challenges in the field of wide-bandgap semiconductors. Addressing the country’s major strategic needs in fields such as information and energy, the Institute aims to build a domestically leading and world-class advanced research and development platform for cutting-edge technology and promote the in-depth development and integration of industry, university and research by making use of the leading industrial advantages of the Yangtze River Delta Region as well as the strong scientific research capabilities of Zhejiang University and the innovative system and mechanism of the ZJU-Hangzhou Global Scientific and Technological Innovation Center (HIC). The Institute was established by Academician Yang Deren, Chief Scientist of Hangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Center, with Academician Zheng Youliao serving as the Director of the Academic Committee, Professor Sheng Kuang as the Director of the Institute. The Institute will primarily focus on building cleanroom laboratories as well as advanced R & D facilities and large instruments and equipment for the growth of wide bandgap semiconductor materials, development of chips, and semiconductor assembly, testing and application.

Youth Talent Excellence Program

I. Key research areas

1. Wide bandgap semiconductor materials (including but limited to the following)

1.1 Growth of silicon carbide (SiC) single-crystals

1.2 Epitaxial growth of SiC thin films

1.3 Impurities and defects in SiC

1.4 Electrochemistry of SiC

1.5 Surface and interface of SiC

1.6 Novel prototype SiC device

1.7 Epitaxial growth of gallium nitride (GaN) thin films

1.8 Growth of single-crystal diamond semiconductors

        1.9 Growth of gallium oxide (Ga2O3) single crystals

1.10 Impurities and defects in Ga2O3

1.11 Crossover research of wide bandgap semiconductor materials and 2D materials

       1.12 Equipment for the preparation and processing of wide band gap semiconductor materials

2. Wide bandgap semiconductor devices (including but not limited to the following)

2.1 SiC power devices

2.2 GaN power devices

2.3 Ga2O3 power devices

2.4 Other wide bandgap power devices

2.5 Single-chip integrated technology

2.6 Multi-chip integrated technology

2.7 Chip cooling technology

2.8 RF power chip technology

2.9 Energy harvesting technologies

2.10 Wide bandgap sensor chips

2.11 Other wide bandgap technologies

3. Assembly and testing (including but not limited to the following)

3.1 Assembly and testing of power devices

3.2 Assembly and testing of RF devices

3.3 Assembly and testing of other related devices

3.4 Module integration

3.5 Testing and application technologies


II. Application Requirements

1.Have high academic aspirations, innovative spirit, strong research capabilities and a sense of social responsibility;

2.Have obtained a Ph.D. degree and is under 35 years old (in principle, but exceptions for age may apply for outstanding candidates);

3.Priorities will be given to the applicants who have a solid professional foundation and high educational attainments in physics, materials, microelectronics, electrical engineering and chemistry; have sufficient disciplinary background and good research experience and ideas in the field of wide bandgap semiconductor materials and devices; and have previously engaged in interdisciplinary research;

4.Have the ability to conduct research independently as PI;

5.Priorities will be given to the applicants who have been recommended by academicians or internationally distinguished experts in the field of wide bandgap materials and devices;

6.Have, in principle, at least one center for post-doctoral studies or two years of work experience.


III. Benefits and support

1.Competitive salary (discussed individually). Those who satisfy the conditions can simultaneously enjoy the corresponding talent policies of Hangzhou and Xiaoshan District (refer to the end of this text for more details);

2.Successful candidates and their team members will be provided with apartments. Those who satisfy the conditions can enjoy the talent housing policies of the HIC;

3.A start-up research fund of RMB 3-5 million yuan for 3 years (with possible continuation);

4.About 100-150m2 of office and lab space;

5.Access to one-stop full-range administrative support and be able to use the shared large instruments and equipment of the scientific research platform;

6. Successful candidates who have outstanding scientific research performance and meet the talent conditions of Zhejiang University can be recommended to be employed by Zhejiang University;

7. Assistance to candidates who satisfy the relevant regulations of Hangzhou to settle the collective household registration in Hangzhou.


IV. Application Documents

1. Youth Talent Excellence Program Candidate Application.docx

2. Attach any representative academic achievements with the application (e.g journals or conference papers, publications, authorized invention patents, keynote speeches and academic reports for conferences, etc.).



   The applicant shall send the electronic version of the above materials to hic@zju.edu.cn. The subject and attachment shall be labelled in the format: Youth Talent + Full Name + Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Materials and Devices Platform.

Contact person: Ms. Yang

Phone number: +86-571-8235 9099

Email address: hic@zju.edu.cn

Address: ZJU-Hangzhou Global Scientific and Technological Innovation Center, No. 733, Jianshe 3rd Road, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province