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Youth Talent Excellence Program—Soil Pollution Control and Remediation Innovation Workshop

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TheInnovation Workshop was established by the College of Environmental and Resource Sciences of Zhejiang University, with Academician Zhu Lizhong of the Chinese Academy of Engineering serving as the Chief Scientist, to lead the scientific research in the directions relating to soil environment and ecological remediation. Addressing China’s major needs in soil pollution control and remediation, the Workshop will, with the micro-nano manufacturing platform and innovative system mechanism of the ZJU-Hangzhou Global Scientific and Technological Innovation Platform (HIC), focus on the technological innovation in the fields of micro-nano process and detection of the soil environment, environmental micro-nano repair materials as well as environmental information management, to drive breakthroughs in industries such as environmental sensing, soil remediation and big data. The Workshop is committed to building a domestically leading and world-class soil environment research innovation platform, talent cultivation base and think tank, and promoting the in-depth development and integration of industry, university and research.



Youth Talent Excellence Program

I. Key research areas

  The talent strategic layout of the Workshop will focus on the areas of environmental micro-nano process and detection, environmental micro-nano repair materials, as well as technology and environmental information management. We sincerely invite outstanding young scholars worldwide to join our program. Priorities will be given to the applicants with research experience in the following areas:

1. Micro-nano detection: sensors, mass spectrometry, spectroscopy, trace detection, microfluidics, automation control, instrument science, etc.

2. Micro-nano materials: sensor materials, adsorption materials, catalytic materials, material design and synthesis, surface and interface chemistry, etc.

3. Nature and process of micro-nano soil: microbiology, interface process and environmental effects, soil chemistry and environmental chemistry, material cycle and soil function, etc.

4. Micro-nano soil prevention and treatment technology and intelligent equipment: green remediation technology, automated control, site pollution and risk management and control, site remediation and engineering technology, etc.

5. Environmental informatization: resource remote sensing, environmental information acquisition and integration, pedosphere and geosystem process simulation, big data, AI/machine learning, etc.


II. Application Requirements

1. Have high academic aspirations, innovative spirit, strong research capabilities and a sense of social responsibility;

2. Under 35 years old (in principle, but exceptions for age may apply for outstanding candidates);

3. Have a Ph.D. degree awarded by a top university or research institute in China or overseas;

4. Have a solid academic background, strong research experience and innovative ideas in the above-mentioned research areas, and a solid professional foundation and high educational attainments;

5. Have the ability to conduct research independently as PI;

6. Priorities will be given to the applicants who have been recommended by academicians or internationally distinguished experts in the field of soil science;

7. Have, in principle, work experience in at least one center for post-doctoral studies.


III. Benefits and support

1. Competitive salary (discussed individually);

2. Successful candidates and their team members will be provided with apartments. Those who satisfy the conditions can enjoy the talent housing policies of the HIC;

3. A start-up research fund of RMB 3-5 million yuan for 3 years (with possible continuation);

4. About 150m2 of office and lab space;

5. Access to “one-stop full-range” administrative support and be able to use the shared large instruments and equipment of the scientific research platform;

6. Successful candidates who have outstanding scientific research performance and meet the talent conditions of Zhejiang University can be recommended to be employed by Zhejiang University;

7. Applicants who satisfy the conditions can simultaneously enjoy the corresponding talent policies of Hangzhou and Xiaoshan District.


IV. Application Documents

1. Youth Talent Excellence Program Candidate Application.docx

2. Attach any representative research and academic achievements and other supporting materials with the application (e.g awards, appraisals, projects, academic papers, etc.);

3) Ph.D. thesis.


The applicant shall send the electronic version of the above materials to hic@zju.edu.cn. The subject and attachment shall be labelled in the format: “Youth Talent + Full Name + Soil Innovation Workshop”.

Contact person: Ms. Yang

Phone number: +86-571-8235 9099

Email address: hic@zju.edu.cn

Address: ZJU-Hangzhou Global Scientific and Technological Innovation Center, No. 733, Jianshe 3rd Road, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province