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Youth Talent Excellence Program—Energy Storage Sci-Tech Innovation Team

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Guided by the initiative of Reaching carbon peak in 2030 and carbon neutrality in 2060 proposed by President Xi Jinping in a key period of global energy transformations, Energy Storage Sci-Tech Innovation Team is targeted at addressing major scientific issues in energy storage, major research tasks and sci-tech infrastructure and original basic research, as well as making a highland of innovation with a full chain of applied research and industry. The Team, driven by the “main engine” of ZJU-Hangzhou Global Scientific and Technological Innovation Center (HIC) and the interdisciplinary studies of energy storage science and engineering, aims to be a magnet of first-class energy storage research teams with international leadership, Zhejiang University characteristics and the spirit of science and innovation. Led by Researcher LU Yingying, a leading figure of National Ten Thousand Talent Plan for Young and Middle-aged Leading Talents, recipient of National Outstanding Youth Fund and Prof. JIANG Yinzhu, recipient of National Outstanding Youth Fund, the Team hope to bring together a galaxy of interdisciplinary talents engaged in the research on low-cost, high-energy, high-safety, long-life electrochemical advanced energy storage technology, mainly in new energy storage battery system, energy storage material design and mechanism research and whole life battery cycle, etc.


Youth Talent Excellence Program


I. Mainly recruit talents in

Solid-state battery/lithium-ion battery/sodium-ion battery/aqueous battery devices and key materials

Battery detection and life-cycle sensing


II. Application Requirements

1. Have high academic aspirations, innovative spirit, strong research capabilities and a sense of social responsibility;

2. Under 35 years old (in principle, but exceptions for age may apply for outstanding candidates);

3. Have a Ph.D. degree awarded by a top university or research institute in China or overseas;

4. Have a solid academic background, strong research experience and innovative ideas in related fields, and a solid professional foundation and high educational attainments;

5. Have the ability to conduct research independently as PI;

6. Priorities will be given to the applicants with an interdisciplinary background or experience in interdisciplinary research;

7. Have, in principle, at least one centre for post-doctoral studies or two years of work experience.


III. Benefits and support

1. Competitive salary (discussed individually). Those who satisfy the conditions can simultaneously enjoy the corresponding talent policies of Hangzhou and Xiaoshan District;

2. Successful candidates and their team members will be provided with apartments. Those who satisfy the conditions can enjoy the talent housing policies of the HIC;

3. A start-up research fund of RMB 3-5 million yuan;

4. About 150 m2 of office and lab space;

5. Access to “one-stop full-range” administrative support and be able to use the shared large instruments and equipment of the research platform;

6. Successful candidates who have outstanding research performance and meet the talent conditions of Zhejiang University can be recommended to be employed by Zhejiang University;


IV. Application Documents

1.  Attachment: Youth Talent Excellence Program Candidate Application Form.docx.

2. Attach any representative academic achievements with the application (e.g journals or conference papers, publications, authorized invention patents, keynote speeches and academic reports for conferences, etc.).


The applicant shall send the electronic version of the above materials to hic@zju.edu.cn. The subject and attachment shall be labeled in the format: “Energy Storage Sci-Tech Innovation Team + Youth Talent Excellence Program + Full Name”.

Contact person: Ms. Liu

Phone number: 0571-80990656

Email address: hic@zju.edu.cn

Address: ZJU-Hangzhou Global Scientific and Technological Innovation Center, No. 733, Jianshe 3rd Road, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province