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Youth Talent Excellence Program—Quantum Computing Innovation Workshop (Preparatory)

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The first phase of the workshop will focus on the design and preparation of high-level superconducting quantum computing chips, the R&D of high-precision quantum measurement and control systems, and the research on quantum computing and quantum simulation applications. The workshop aims to develop high-level superconducting quantum chip measurement and control systems and explore their potential application value in its first phase. The first phase includes designing and preparing superconducting quantum chips with specific computing and simulation capabilities, building extremely low-temperature multi-bit quantum chip characterization and measurement and control systems, developing high-precision quantum measurement and control software and hardware systems, promoting the application of quantum chips in quantum computing and quantum simulation, and exploring and promoting the integration of quantum chips and other disciplines. The workshop is striving to be a world-class research platform for quantum science and technology.


Young Talent Excellence Program


I. Mainly recruit talents in

1. Design, preparation and packaging of superconducting quantum chips.

1.1 Architecture design and simulation of superconducting quantum chips.

1.2 Micro and nano processing and preparation of superconducting quantum chips.

1.3 Design, simulation and testing of chip packaging modules.


2. R&D of highly integrated quantum bit measurement and control system.

2.1 Design, simulation and testing of room temperature and low temperature passive electronic components.

2.2 R&D of measurement and control hardware systems based on FPGA programming.

2.3 Design and optimization of quantum measurement and control software.


3. Quantum computing and quantum simulation experimental implementation.

3.1 Experimental implementation of high-fidelity quantum logic gates.

3.2 Optimization of control parameters and global quantum manipulation of multi-bit chips.

3.3 Design and experimental implementation of specific quantum algorithms and quantum simulations.


II. Application requirements

1. Have high academic aspirations, innovative spirit, strong research capabilities and a sense of social responsibility;

2. Have a Ph.D. degree and under 35 years old (in principle, but exceptions for age may apply for outstanding candidates);

3. Have a certain professional foundation and deep academic attainments in superconducting quantum computing, chip micro and nano processing, quantum algorithm software, etc., and have a strong interest in superconducting quantum computing research;

4. Have the ability to conduct research independently as PI;

5. Priorities will be given to the applicants with the recommendations from academicians or internationally renowned experts in the field of superconducting quantum computing research;  

6. Have, in principle, at least one centre for post-doctoral studies or two years of work experience.


III. Benefits and support

1. Competitive salary (discussed individually). Those who satisfy the conditions can simultaneously enjoy the corresponding talent policies of Hangzhou and Xiaoshan District;

2. Successful candidates and their team members will be provided with apartments. Those who satisfy the conditions can enjoy the talent housing policies of the HIC;

3. A start-up research fund of RMB 3-5 million yuan for 3 years (with possible continuation);

4. About 150 m2 of office and lab space;

5. Access to “one-stop full-range” administrative support and be able to use the shared large instruments and equipment of the research platform;

6. Successful candidates who have outstanding research performance and meet the talent conditions of Zhejiang University can be recommended to be employed by Zhejiang University;

7. Successful candidates who meet the criteria for High-level Talents of Hangzhou can be assisted in the children’s enrollment in kindergartens.  


IV. Application documents

1.  Attachment: Youth Talent Excellence Program Candidate Application Form.docx

2. Attach any representative academic achievements with the application (e.g journals or conference papers, publications, authorized invention patents, keynote speeches and academic reports for conferences, etc.).


The applicant shall send the electronic version of the above materials to hic@zju.edu.cn. The subject and attachment shall be labeled in the format: “Quantum Computing Innovation Workshop + Youth Talent Excellence Program + Full Name”.


V. Contact information

Contact person: Ms. Liu

Phone number: 0571-80990656

Email address: hic@zju.edu.cn

Address: ZJU-Hangzhou Global Scientific and Technological Innovation Center, No. 733, Jianshe 3rd Road, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province