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Frontier Biotechnology Laboratory

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Frontier Biotechnology Laboratory promotes biomedical science and technology innovation in response to major national strategic needs. The laboratory shows strong research strength with a team of top experts in the field and has published a number of papers in top journals such as Science, Lancet, Nature Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials. At present, the laboratory will put its antibody module into operation soon, highlighting the construction of a single-cell-based platform for rapid discovery and evaluation of antibody drugs, and conducting the research on antibody screening, activity evaluation, structural analysis and analysis of action mechanism, etc.


I. Mainly recruit talents in 

1. Protein structure analysis

2. Antibody engineering or new antibody technology

3. Immune mechanism research


II. Application requirements

1. Have a PhD degree in biology, immunology or related fields awarded within the last three years, under 35 years old;

2. One or more papers of high impact published in related fields as first author or co-first author;

3. Capacity of independent research, priorities given to the applicants with experience in undertaking projects;

4. Abide by research ethics and academic norms, work seriously and conscientiously, with a high degree of responsibility and good teamwork.


III. Benefits and support

1. Competitive market-based salaries;

2. Talent polices of Hangzhou and Xiaoshan District governments to those who go on to work at the Center after completing postdoc studies;

3. Support grants of Hangzhou and Xiaoshan District respectively to those who receive the funding from China Postdoctoral Science Foundation and Zhejiang Provincial Postdoctoral Research Projects;

4. Talent apartment from Xiaoshan District or apartment of the Center;

5. First-class experimental and research facilities;

6. Additional funding or allowances to those who participate in major research projects of the Center and score remarkable achievements;

7. Those who meet the requirements during their postdoctoral studies can apply for the senior professional and technical positions of the Center;

8. Those who have outstanding performance during the work are recommended to apply for the faculty positions of Zhejiang University or R&D and administration positions of the Center if they meet requirements;

9. Those who meet the relevant regulations of Hangzhou can be assisted in getting the collective registered household of Hangzhou;

10. Those who meet the talent requirements of Hangzhou will be given priority in the lottery for purchasing the first apartment.

IV. Application documents

Application Form for the Postdoctoral Fellow at ZJU-Hangzhou Global Science and Technology Innovation Center.doc.;

2. Attach any representative academic achievements with the application (e.g. awards, results assessment, projects and publications, etc.);  

3. Doctoral dissertation.


The applicant shall send the electronic version of the above materials to The subject and attachment shall be labeled in the format: “Frontier Biotechnology Laboratory + postdoctoral / R & D expert + Full Name”.