Industry Partnership

With the support from Zhejiang University and Hangzhou City, the ZJU-Hangzhou Global Science and Technology Innovation Center will continue to expand its global network by joining hands with world-class research institutions and top enterprises, gathering the best innovative and entrepreneurial elements, financial capital and industrial resources, building a new system of industry-university-research cooperation oriented towards talent training, sci-tech innovation, technology transfer and career transformation, so as to construct the world’s best eco-community integrating industry, university, research, application of findings, finance, talents, policies, media, environment and services.

International Collaborations

By virtue of the global cooperation network established by Zhejiang University reaching approximately 200 universities in five continents, ZJU-Hangzhou Global Science and Technology Innovation Center is outreaching for vigorous exchanges and cooperation worldwide. At present, it conducts substantial cooperation with top universities, e.g. Harvard University, Yale University, Oxford University and Cambridge University in major research fields, joint programs with Ecole Polytechnique, Paris and University of Toronto, Canada, etc. in talent cultivation, and with international organizations such as World Economic Forum, International Telecommunication Union and Pacific Rim University Union in institutional construction; therefore, a crisscrossed global cooperation network with top universities on one hand and European and American countries, Asia-Pacific countries, the countries along the Belt and Road Initiative, BRICS and international organizations on the other has come into being.